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Folge 1 vom 29.08.2018 | Take Two - Originalfassung | Staffel 1 | TVNOW play_big Created with Sketch.
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Take Two (Klappe, die zweite) | Folge 101

Take Two (Klappe, die zweite) | Folge 101


Staffel 1, Folge 101, LĂ€nge 41 Min, ab 12


After an embarrassing breakup with her ex-fiancé and a career-damaging trip to rehab, former TV detective Sam Swift teams up with a cynical, street-smart private investigator named Eddie Valetik to study the real life of a P.I. for a comeback role. Despite the friction between them, Sam's acting skills and experience as an on-screen detective prove surprisingly valuable when the pair is tasked to find a man's missing daughter only to find out the case is linked to the infamous crime boss Deacon.